What does fgs mean

what does fgs mean

One side has the word, one side has the definition. FGS is when fat girls think they can compensate for their apparent lack of sex appeal by going overboard. Acronym, Definition. FGS, Federation of Genealogical Societies. FGS, Fo Guang Shan. FGS, Florida Geological Survey. FGS, Fine Guidance Sensor. FGS, For. 37 definitions of FGS. Meaning of FGS. What does FGS stand for? FGS abbreviation. Define FGS at lordofoceanonline.win. There are no example uses of FGS at this time. Your browser is ancient! The FGSs are integral to mission success as they sense when the HST starts to drift off the science target. Slang consists of a lexicon of non-standard phrases. Term of the Day The Acronym Generator APIs. Blood in my mucus from my nose? what does fgs mean


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